Clinic of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. Omotesando, Aomori, Morioka, Sendai, Koriyama, Iwaki. At our clinic, Board-certified doctors by Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery will perform for Aesthetic and Plastic surgery.
Town Plastic Surgery Clinic

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A safe and reliable Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery
Board-certified doctors of each field of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery and approved after strict examination based on years of experience, accomplishments and basis of or will be in charge of treatment and we are giving our utmost care so that the patients can always rely on us.


Certificate by Japan Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Certificate by Thermage company in the USA, Certificate by Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Certified Clinic
Selecting a clinic for aesthetic surgery is difficult.
Aesthetic surgery clinics, which appear regularly on magazines and hit on the top of search engines; it would be really hard for patients to distinguish if the doctors are really reliable and have all the techniques and the skills.
Even if the contents of the website are complete and look good at a glance, it would be hard to know the skills of the doctor treating you.
At Town Plastic Surgery Clinic Group, we restrict doctors working with us to whom they are only officially certified by Japan Societies of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.
Certified doctors mean that one must have a certain years of experience in aesthetic surgery (approximately over 7 years) and accomplishments, and is strictly certified on the basis, and after acquiring a doctor’s degree of certification, one must continue to do pathological accomplishments, research and academic society speeches in order not to get their certificate revoked.
Especially, Board certified doctors by Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery who treat aesthetic surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery are one of the most trusted certification, and like our clinic, where doctors who are both certified by both boards are rare nationwide.
Doctors certified in aesthetic surgery are not a certificate which would be granted to a clinical institution, but rather to the doctor himself. There are some systems where the clinic itself is certified, but that does not mean that the doctors who work there are all certified doctors.
If you see a “specialist” on an advertisement for an aesthetic surgery clinic, please ascertain that that is officially certified by an authority of each academics of aesthetic surgery. We advise you to call them and ask what kind of doctors has what kind of certifications by phone or mail. At our clinic, all of our doctors are real specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery and will deal with aesthetic and plastic treatment of patients.
Medical Corporate Body Kibitaki-kai, Chief Director
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